Character Generation Rules:

  • Starting Level 1
  • 30 Build Points
  • 500 gold
  • 3 Free Traits
  • 1 Free Bonus Feat

Free Traits.

General Rules:

  • HP per HD: 1st Level Max, subsequent levels re-roll any roll less than half the average.
    (d6 averages 3.5, re-roll 3 or less)
    (d8 averages 4.5, re-roll 4 or less)
    (d10 averages 5.5, re-roll 5 or less)
    (d12 averages 6.5, re-roll 6 or less)

Online SRD
Official Paizo material (mostly) permitted.
Note: Unless listed as prohibited, assume it’s accepted.


  • Gunslinger
  • Firearms of ANY kind
  • Local Feats
  • Regional Traits (Using Custom List)
  • Campaign Traits
  • Religion Traits (though Faith Traits are ok)
  • Psionics

Reviewed 3rd party material.
Unless you ask if you can use it, almost nothing will be reviewed.


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